All you need is love!
And scissors:

1. Water well!

Place flowers in water upon arrival. Place the floral foam in water and let it soak for about 15 min until it sinks.

2. Place the wet floral foam inside the carton container.

3. Cut the plant material!

Cut flowers to about 10-15 cm and separate the branches, if necessary.

4. Distribute the material in the floral foam!

Creatively arrange flowers and materials. If you can still see the floral foam: cut the flowers!


If decoration is available, prick them on wooden sticks or spread them freely.


There should always be some water in the container.


First cut roses to approx. 10-15 cm and arrange them in the floral foam. Then distribute the other flowers and materials creatively.

Don´t forget

Touch & recognize, smell & name flowers!

Enjoy and relax!