The therapeutic benefits of garden environments have been documented since ancient times.

Dr. Benjamin Rush, signatory of the Declaration of Independence and recognized as the “Father of American Psychiatry”, documented for the first time in the 19th century the positive effect of gardening work on people with mental illness

The calming effect of nature has been described for about a thousand years (Davies, 1998). In 1986 the US biologist Edward O. Wilson formulated his Biophilia hypothesis, according to which an emotional connection with nature is innate to us. Contact with blooming gardens, trees, beautiful landscapes has a calming and stress-reducing effect (Wilson 1986).
Thus horticultural therapy helps to reduce anxiety (Bowler et al., 2010) and depression. One of the best known theories related to garden therapy is the “Attention-Restoration Theory” by Kaplan & Kaplan (1995). They report that natural environments, including gardens, are relaxing and are consistently preferred by people over many other environments. Restoration or “recovery from mental fatigue” is made possible through contact with nature. They report that human beings need a relaxing natural environment that is conducive to reflection and gives them a feeling of security, cohesion, fascination and the feeling of being away from their routines.

With Flower Your Mind the perception is trained and the unbiased attention is strengthened. The occupation with plants creates trust, which is critical in times of crisis and stress.

It is child’s play, beautiful and always successful!

Widespread disease depression

A contribution from ARTE

Depression is the second most common widespread disease in the world, but so far the treatment options are limited. “Re:” presents surprising insights into new, future-oriented treatment methods such as ketamine, online therapy or horticultural therapy and meets people, organizations and visionaries who are looking for solutions to help those affected back into life.

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