Experience exquisite Do-It-Yourself flower arrangements and sensual plants that will change your world.

Our DIY (Do-It-Yourself) arrangements are suitable for children from 6 years of age and are also great fun and encourage creativity in a group or team. Go for it!


To get to know:

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All you need is love!
And scissors:

1. Water well!

Place flowers in water upon arrival. Place the floral foam in water and let it soak for about 15 min until it sinks.

2. Place the wet floral foam inside the carton container.

3. Cut the plant material!

Cut flowers to about 10-15 cm and separate the branches, if necessary.

4. Distribute the material in the floral foam!

Creatively arrange flowers and materials. If you can still see the floral foam: cut the flowers!


If decoration is available, prick them on wooden sticks or spread them freely.


There should always be some water in the container.


First cut roses to approx. 10-15 cm and arrange them in the floral foam. Then distribute the other flowers and materials creatively.

Don´t forget

Touch & recognize, smell & name flowers!

Enjoy and relax!

Have you already flowered today?

Flower Your Mind allows an approx. 20-minute break to calm the mind and simply switch off. You will receive from us all the individual parts for a decorative flower arrangement, including instructions. You determine the design yourself and the result is a beautiful, individual flower arrangement of which you can be proud. And the best: It is scientifically proven that just 3 minutes of activity with plants is enough to feel more relaxed. Enjoy, relax and have fun while discovering!

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Light Autumn

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We have put together a bright arrangement, which triggers joy and well-being!


Thinking today about tomorrow.

Flower Your Mind supports sustainable agriculture in Ecuador. Together with our project partner Dr. Budliger, Institute for Horticultural Therapy, we are investing in a joint project that focuses on both meaningful agriculture and social development of the families living there. In this way we make the people happy who want to make you happy. And along the way, some of the most beautiful flowers in the world reach us. Be part of it and make the world a little bit more colorful!